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Managing Cutbacks at the Washington State Department of Social and Essay

Managing Cutbacks at the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services - Essay Example 97) affecting DSHS are as follows: (1) the program of reforms (cutting of expenses by 25%) instituted by President Reagan through the Economic Recovery Program; (2) Washington state’s tax system based on consumption and narrow economic base; (3) citizen legislatures that do not include potential leeway for increased taxes; (4) the increase in the state’s financial support for elementary and secondary education; and (5) state legislations ordering the recent cutbacks in spending for the last six months ending June 30, 1981. These are formal mandates of the DSHS since these rules, laws, legislations imposed by the federal government and other stakeholders (education sector) dictate the organization to design strategies to meet these mandates. Through the Economic Recovery Program that instituted diverse budget cuts across all federal and state funding programs, all agencies being governed are expected to adhere to these enactments, as proposed. The tax system of Washingto n State has been focused on sales and business tax that contribute to fluctuating revenues depending on the economic cycle. However, due to the conservative stance that persists, state legislators continue to support tax cuts despite the poor economic conditions that prevailed. There have been apparent favoring business establishments by giving concessions to deferred sales during economic difficulties which decrease state revenues while expenditures for social programs are expected to increase during these periods. The state opted to cut spending, instead, rather than increase taxes. On the other hand, the key informal mandates are: (1) no personal income tax; (2) shunned federal money; (3) advocated less dependence on federally funded social and health programs; (4) parallel spending patterned after federal grant funding patterns; and (5) the conservative

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Constitutional position of the subcarphatian Rus in the first CSFR Essay

Constitutional position of the subcarphatian Rus in the first CSFR between 1918 and 1938 - Essay Example The proposal to join the Carpathia Rus as a whole into the Czechoslovak state came from President Wilson. The Central National Council adopted this plan and sanctioned it in 1919 and sought to effect it in the Czechoslovak Constitution of 1920. This constitution granted autonomy to the new province. However, this autonomy was only on paper and not in reality. The central government was unwilling to grant full autonomy until much later in 1938 in the Munich Agreement (Hurny 2012). While the treaty of Saint Germain required that minority rights be protected, the Czechoslovak Constitution gave only Ruthenians constitutional autonomy. The reality, however, is that legislative and judicial operations in the Carpathian Rus were run from Prague by the Central government. To justify this breach of the supposed democracy, the Czech government argued that the province lacked required judicial and legislative structures and could not, therefore, be fully independent. This was compounded by the fact that Carpathia Ruthenia was the least economically productive region in the country. It was also the least populated of the provinces. For Ruthenians, the autonomy pledged by the Czechoslovak Republic and provided for by the Constitution of 1920 was not implemented for two decades. The issue became the subject of discontent. This situation only improved in 1938 after the Munich

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The Effects of Politics on Fiscal Policy over the Last Seven Business Cycles :: Macroeconomics Research Paper

Abstract Being an election year, all you hear is the incoming presidential nominee bashing the policies of the current president. Of all of the administration policy, his economic stance, the health of the economy under his administration, and this fiscal policy are among the most prevalent. Does the possibility of losing an election affect how administration reacts to a recession? This paper shows that out of the last seven business cycles, during the last five, politics does not seem to be an issue when administrations consider what needs to be done to boost the economy. Though Kennedy and Nixon both tried to use fiscal policy to further their own position and ensure re-election, the administrations of late have understood that the economy is not a re-election tool and that what-ever need to be done to bring us out of a recession is necessary, even if it means they may risk not getting reelected. Reelection be Damned One might wonder how politics plays into fiscal policy. Does the possibility of not getting reelected affect the choices a president makes? No, in fact, the administrations of the last seven business cycles usually make fiscal policy decisions that prove to be political suicide, yet are best for the economy. Started with the farthest back, John F. Kennedy is an exception to this rule. In his campaign, he promised tax cuts, but by the time congress got around to it, the economy was obviously expanding. Seeing as this would be embarrassing to the administration, congress went ahead and approved the unnecessary tax cut. Richard Nixon, whose reelection was a non issue due to his resignation, also played the political game. Though his administration say that wage/price control would be ineffective at controlling inflation, they went ahead and implemented them with the goal of â€Å"gently tighten monetary and fiscal policy, which they thought would bring down inflation without a big incr ease in unemployment† (Hebert, 1984, 4). This proved to be detrimental anyway because wile people expected prices to stabilize, they failed to realize that this meant that the prices they charged would stop rising as well. Ronald Reagan took a huge leap of faith when his administration introduced supply-side economics. Although it didn’t work in the way that he wanted it to, it helped greatly to boost the economy. However, had it been a horrible flop, His administration would have been highly chastised for it.

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Informative Speech Outline Essay

* Introduction Attention getter * Are you proud to be a Malaysian? Well, I’m proud to be a Malaysian but what happened recently make me thinking? Our country, Malaysia has become a very popular and favourite spot for dumping, not the usual garbage dumping but it is – the baby dumping. Baby dumping means the act of throwing away the babies at any place without taken care the babies. Based on Bukit Aman Police Headquarters statistics, it was found a total of 580 babies were found dumped between years 2000-2006. This number of cases increase every year where as much as 65 baby dumping cases has increased to 83 cases in the year 2006. In the first five months, almost every day there are reports on dumped baby cases. Year 2010 also known as Year of Baby Dumping cases and this has brought a lots of question and issues. Surely, all of us have heard about fruit season and others, but do you ever heard of baby dumping season? New Year celebration and Valentine’s Day are known as mating season nowadays which leads to unwanted pregnancies among youth and obviously, leads to baby dumping cases which can be easily read in the mass media. Reason to listen * The news nowadays are so horrifying such as ‘’Body of Baby Found in Dustbin’’, ‘’Dogs Found Baby in Trash Bag’’ and many others. The case of baby dumping has been more serious from time to time in Malaysia. Thesis statement * Baby dumping especially among youth is a serious social crisis and has a chronic increase in Malaysia. Credibility statement * The baby dumping case has touched my heart upon seeing the pictures of the baby being dumped in a very unethical and inhuman way. * I have read and studied about baby dumping in Malaysia, and have done research on the Internet. Preview of main point * First I will discuss about the cause of baby dumping * Second, I will discuss about the effect of baby dumping * And lastly, I will discuss about the possible prevention of baby dumping cases I. There are several causes that may lead to baby dumping cases that have been identified from various studies Extreme celebration of certain events * The occasions were celebrated in a very extreme manner and indirectly encourage to free sex which resulted in baby dumping cases. * Those extreme celebration is originated from the west which ‘’did not sit well’’ with our culture in Malaysia. Sexual abuse * They are usually dumping their babies due to the feeling of being betrayed by the baby’s father and also the feeling of being used. * If the woman is being sexually abuse, they are tending to disposed before or after the child’s birth. Loosening of social problem * Due to high phase of modernisation and development, social control system has become loosening up. * Neighbourliness, which should become an agent of social control system to curtail the social ills has become waning. * Schools are also not being sensitive to the students as they are engrossed to the academic and examination result. * Parents did not well-supervise their child as they tend to believe that their children are good and due to time constraints as many parents are working. * Lack of sex education and pornography also leads to the baby dumping cases. Transition: Now that I’ve discussed the causes of baby dumping, I will now discuss the effect of baby dumping case. Baby dumping will directly affect three parties that are the mothers, baby and the society itself Effect to the mother * The mother’s may have the risk of death due to the bleeding during the child’s birth. * They will be expelled from schools or educational institutions * Will be charged for attempting murder if the baby were still alive and charge for murder penalty if the baby is dead. * Feeling pressure from family, friends and the surrounding and most importantly is the feeling of guilty. Effect to the baby * The baby unable to grow up in a proper way, feel unloved and alone. * They also may have the possibilities of having birth defect and low body immunity. Effect to the society * It will bring bad image to the society Transition: now that we had known the cause of baby dumping, let’s move on to the next main point that is the prevention of baby dumping cases. Responsibilities of preventing baby dumping cases lies on the shoulder of everyone Individual * By being close to the religion, it can prevent the youth from get stuck on social ills such as free sex that leads to baby dumping. * Take a maximum care and control yourself. Parents, society and schools * Parents and the schools need to play important roles to teach their child to become good in behaviour. * They need to educate their child, not frightening them so that if they are having problems and difficulties, they are not hiding it from the parents. * Teaching them to stay out from sexual relationships * Conclusion A. Review of main points * Today I have discussed about: i. The cause of baby dumping ii. The effect of baby dumping iii. The possible solution for baby dumping cases B. Restate thesis * Baby dumping especially among youth is a serious social crisis and has a chronic increase in Malaysia. Closure * As the conclusion, baby dumping cases will not end without any solution or intervention from all as we do not want any more babies to die. * It is true that baby dumping case is the prevention of baby dumping lies in the shoulder of the parents, school and society to tackle it, however, it stills boil down to individual responsibility. The youths need to take full control and take a maximum care towards their self. * Everyone has the chance to change their self. As quoted by Zig Ziglar; ‘’If you don’t like who you are and where you are, don’t worry about it because you’re not stuck either with who you are or where you are. You can grow. You can change .You can be more than you are.’’

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15 News Writing Rules for Beginning Journalism Students

Gathering information for a news article is vitally important, of course, but so is writing the story. The best information, put together in an overly intricate construction using SAT words and dense writing, can be difficult to digest for readers looking for a quick news fix. There are rules for news writing that result in a clear, direct presentation, providing information efficiently and accessibly to a variety of readers. Some of these rules conflict with what you might have learned in English Lit. Heres a list of 15 rules for beginning news writers, based on the problems that crop most frequently: Tips for News Writing Generally speaking, the lede, or introduction to the story, should be a single sentence of 35 to 45 words that summarizes the main points of the story, not a seven-sentence monstrosity that looks like its out of a Jane Austen novel.The lede should summarize the story from start to finish. So if youre writing about a fire that destroyed a building and left 18 people homeless, that must be in the lede. Writing something like A fire started in a building last night doesnt have enough vital information.Paragraphs in news stories should generally be no more than one or two sentences each, not the seven or eight sentences you probably wrote for freshman English. Short paragraphs are easier to cut when editors are working on a tight deadline, and they look less imposing on the page.Sentences should be kept relatively short, and whenever possible use the subject-verb-object formula. Backward constructions are harder to read.Always cut unnecessary words. For example, Firefighters arrived at t he blaze and were able to put it out within about 30 minutes can be shortened to Firefighters doused the blaze in 30 minutes.Dont use complicated-sounding words when simpler ones will do. A laceration is a cut; a contusion is a bruise; an abrasion is a scrape. A news story should be understandable to everyone.Dont use the first-person I in news stories.  In Associated Press style, punctuation almost always goes inside quotation marks. Example: We arrested the suspect, Detective John Jones said. (Note the placement of the comma.)News stories are generally written in the past tense.Avoid the use of too many adjectives. Theres no need to write the white-hot blaze or the brutal murder. We know fire is hot and that killing someone is generally pretty brutal. Those adjectives are unnecessary.Dont use phrases such as thankfully, everyone escaped the fire unhurt. Obviously, its good that people werent hurt. Your readers can figure that out for themselves.Never inject your opinions into a hard-news story. Save your thoughts for a review or editorial.When you first refer to someone in a story, use the full name and job title if applicable. On all subsequent references, use just the last name. So it would be Lt. Jane Jones when you first mention her in your story, but after that, it would simply be Jones. The only exception is if two people with the same last name are in your story, in which case you could use their full names. Reporters generally dont use honorifics such as Mr. or Mrs. in AP style. (A notable exception is The New York Times.)Dont repeat information.Dont summarize the story at the end by repeating whats already been said. Try to find information for the conclusion that advances the story.

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A Womans Struggle Captured in The Yellow Wallpaper

A Womans Struggle Captured in The Yellow Wallpaper Pregnancy and childbirth are very emotional times in a womans life and many women suffer from the baby blues. The innocent nickname for postpartum depression is deceptive because it down plays the severity of this condition. Although she was not formally diagnosed with postpartum depression, Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) developed a severe depression after the birth of her only child (Kennedy et. al. 424). Unfortunately, she was treated by Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, who forbade her to write and prescribed only bed rest and quiet for recovery (Kennedy et al. 424). Her condition only worsened and ultimately resulted in divorce (Kennedy and Gioia†¦show more content†¦Johns actions can easily be interpreted with the same malice. The narrators insistence that John is a caring and loving husband draws special attention to the true meanings behind his words and actions. Would a man deeply concerned for his wifes mental state constantly leave her alone to tend after patients with serious conditions (Kennedy et al. 426)? Any time John speaks to his wife, he uses the third person voice or refers to her as little girl or some other term of endearment (Kennedy and Gioia 430,431). He never uses her name, therefore he never really recognizes her as a person nor an equal. This dialog can easily be compares to one between a parent and his child. Because the room was an old nursery this idea is strongly enforced. Hance, there is no oddity in the fact that the narrator comes to think of herself as a child (Twentieth 111). She comments on the fact that the children tore the wallpaper and later admits to doing it herself (Kennedy et al. 426,428). Her regression is also demonstrated by her comparison of her present room with the bedroom of her childhood (Kennedy and Gioia 427,428). The underlying theme of womans rights emanates from every part of The Yellow Wallpaper. In an essay by Elaine R. Hedges, she points out how the wallpaper symbolized the gross lack of women rights (Short 119). The yellow smooches that Jennie finds on the clothes of theShow MoreRelated`` The Yellow Wallpaper `` And `` It s A Girl ``1651 Words   |  7 PagesPerkins Gilmans, who wrote â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† to challenge the ideals of society and their treatment towards women. Gilman, faced with the discriminatory and prejudiced challenges of her gender, her childhood shadowed and pelted on with poverty, and her mind plagued with the constant, deafening humming of nervous postpartum depression, unambiguously determined that she was going to raise her voice against constant chattering of chauvinist values. â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† is a direct echo of Gilman’sRead More The Subjugation of Women in The Yellow Wallpaper2519 Words   |  11 PagesThe Subjugation of Women in The Yellow Wall Paper  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚      In the nineteenth century, women in literature were often portrayed as submissive to men. Literature of the period often characterized women as oppressed by society, as well as by the male influences in their lives. The Yellow Wallpaper presents the tragic story of a womans descent into depression and madness. Gilman once wrote Womens subordination will only end when women lead the struggle for their own autonomy, therebyRead MoreEssay on Fall of Asclepius95354 Words   |  382 Pagessurvivors will rise up to eliminate this infection of our world, our people. I will fight for you. Thomas held the light up and stared into the dancing yellow flame. Ashes to ashes... Dust to dust. The clouds started to gather again. The wind was fast, causing the clouds to collect in the sky at a fast rate. Thomas pressed the yellow flame against a small trail of gas that led away from the pile. The fire spread until reaching the pile. The flames spread across the bodies until the entire

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What I Am A Visual Learner - 1648 Words

I know that I am a Visual Learner, and everything I learn is through what I see. I learned that I am able to learn through different teaching styles and still learn the necessary information that is being given. Most people can relate to being a visual learner as it helps to see the information and retain it as well. Another type of common learning style is bodily kinesthetic which I feel I also learn well from as well. Auditory learners retain new information best by hearing it. They to read out loud and will listen to a lecture rather than reading the text. They prefer the speaking on the phone than face-to-face conversation. They are easily distracted by noises. Auditory learners are not able to color coordinate their clothes, but they can explain what they are wearing and why. Kinesthetic learning involves the need for a student to touch and feel in their surroundings in order to retain information. People who are kinesthetic learning often become distracted and cannot focus due to their needs for more instruction and get their hands on items relating to the material. Kinesthetic learning is also known as tactile learning. The three major learning styles among others is known as multiple intelligence, by Howard Gardner. Research shows that measuring intelligence in this way involves using the characteristics of the learning styles in order to come to understand in which areas learners may be skilled in. For example, visual people have theShow MoreRelatedPersonal Learning Style894 Words   |  4 Pages I recently researched the four main learning styles, which helped me to determine which of the four I thought I was best matched with. These four learning styles are: visual learning, auditory or linguistic learning, reading/writing-preference learning, and kinesthetic. Visual learners like to see what they are being taught, such as looking at an over-head projection. Auditory learners like listening to lectures and discussions. Reading and writing learners prefer to read textbooksRead MoreWhy College Is Important791 Words   |  4 Pagesit would be an advantage or choosing between an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree. I for one am seeking a Psychology Bachelor’s Degree so it will open up opportunities for a successful career and a higher paying salary. Continuing to further my education is not only going to be a personal achievement but also a stepping stone in my path to get my master’s and doctorate degree. During the time that I attend my college courses it will help with my cognitive development and get a better understandingRead MoreA Personal Reflection of the Visual Learner1198 Words   |  5 PagesA Personal Reflection of the Visual Learner: Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper. Vivian Hamilton August 16, 2014 Professor: Jon Vernon Com/516 Personal Learning Style â€Å"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible† quoted by Johnathan Swift. I am a visual thinker. This learning style is personal to me because not only do I process given information visually I perceive everything as a visual learner. The ability to gain knowledge from information that is observed and not â€Å"read† in the conventionalRead MoreLearning Styles And What Works Best. . Do You Ever Wonder1257 Words   |  6 PagesStyles and What Works Best Do you ever wonder why you sometimes do better in some classes and not others? Well, I have the answer to that. Learning Styles..! Yes, as individuals we process information differently. Some people may be well balanced out when having to intake new information, but others may need more details or pictures to comprehend the concept that they are trying to learn. The different learning styles arrange into four categorizes; Active vs. Reflective learners, Sensing vsRead MoreI Am A Visual Learner1124 Words   |  5 PagesI have known for quite some time that I am a visual learner. It is much easier for me to grasp a concept if I am shown how to do something by demonstration rather than reading instructions. I become very frustrated rather quickly if I have to rely solely on written instructions. When I become frustrated, I tend to be easily distracted and focusing becomes an issue. How people take in information and the decisions they make or conclusions they come to about that information is their learning styleRead MoreHow Learning Style Affects Our Learning973 Words   |  4 Pagesfind out what our learning style is and how to that learning style affects our learning. There are four types of learner: visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic. Each of these types of learners has their own way of learning and thinking. Thinking is part of the learning process and there are two types: global and analytic. To find out what type of learner and thinker you are, you first must take three learning style tests. In this paper, I will discuss what type of learner and thinker, I am, my thoughtsRead MoreHow Learning Styles Can Improve A Persons Way Of Learning1507 Words   |  7 Pagesessay, I will be discussing how learning styles are implemented in our memory to help us later recognize information that we had processed through specific styles of learning. Through d ifferent online tests that I have recently taken, I will explain how different learning styles such as visual, auditory, and tactile learning can help improve a person’s way of remembering subjects, also defined as memory. Not long ago, I took two different types of learning style tests. The first test that I took wasRead MoreMy Self As A Learner Essay1403 Words   |  6 Pages MY SELF AS A LEARNER Kyle R. Pace Bellevue University â€Æ' Abstract The importance of knowing yourself as a learner is to know your strengths and areas you can improve. After taking the MBTI assessment, I found out that I am an ISFJ personality. ISFJ personality stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. I always thought I was a tactile learner, however after taking the (What s Your Learning Style? 20 Questions) assessment, I found out that I am a visual learner. It’s also goodRead MoreEssay about Learning Styles1231 Words   |  5 Pagestry and discover which is my best and worst way to learn and then to come up with a strategy for improving my ability to learn. The first thing that I need to do is research what different learning styles there is, after I have done this I can determine what are my preferred learning styles. Types of Learning Styles   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  After doing some research I have discovered that there are four main ways of learning. For each of these four ways there is a continuum, this continuum determines which particularRead MoreLearning Styles Essay922 Words   |  4 PagesThrough studies of learning styles I have been able to decipher my learning types. I am a visual learner, have an integrated brain, meaning I use both hemispheres, and ranked highest in bodily-kinesthetic and logic-mathematical intelligence. There are three types of learning styles. They are: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. An auditory learner processes information by hearing and discussing the information. Visual learners process information through visuals such as charts, pictures, and other